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Your Guide to Financial Planning

Welcome to “The Manumit Podcast with Glenn Johnson,” the podcast that transforms financial confusion into financial confidence. Join Glenn from Jabez Financial and his co-host as they elaborate on the intricacies of personalized financial planning. Whether you’re starting to build wealth, navigating complex investment landscapes, or planning for retirement, “The Manumit Podcast” is your guide to making informed decisions and achieving financial freedom. Tune in and take control of your financial destiny with clarity and purpose!

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About Glenn Johnson, Founder of Jabez Financial:

Glenn’s commitment to helping others achieve financial well-being is evident in his impact on numerous clients. Through detailed financial planning, he has been a catalyst for positive change, witnessing firsthand the joy that comes with improved financial stability. Glenn’s journey is not merely professional, but proof of his dedication to fostering financial literacy and empowering individuals to shape their financial destinies.

A committed Christian and dedicated family man, Glenn lives in Uncasville, CT, with his wife and children. Glenn had two sons and his wife Aura had two daughters when they united in 2021. Glenn is actively involved with his church as he leads the men’s group and is involved with several other ministries.